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Paleo Recipes and Real Life Adventures

Paleo Cookbook Recommendations

Over the weekend I bought a cookbook called: Make it Paleo

This has a ton of great recipes and explains the importance of making healthy choices in food. What I like about this book is that the couple uses about 5 ingredients and most of the recipe’s use the same basic ingredients that you can have at home.  It gives you a grocery list, cuts of meat and labels to watch for. On my 3 hour drive from Maryland to NOVA today, Brandon and I earmarked a few recipe’s and planned out our meals! We are both excited to try some of the delicious meals.

While home visiting our parents I went to the Newark food co-op in Delaware and got a few items and compared prices to Trader Joe’s. Trader Joe’s is a lot cheaper but they often have items out of stock so I grabbed a few things. My favorite thing about the Newark Natural food co-op was the pre-made paleo foods available. They had crackers and trailmix that were Paelo approved! If you are in that area- check it out and you can get a lot of your basic ingredients.

Back in NOVA I went and got some basics that the cookbook recommended, here is a little bit of our Primal shopping. It was really hard to find Nitrate free meats at Giant. Giant doesn’t carry almond flour, coconut flour or any of the key ingredients to get going with paleo but they do have a unique “local Farm Fresh” section on occasion. Tonight we got Farm Fresh Asparagus.

Brandon and I have decided that Trader Joe’s and Wegman’s are the best for what we need and our budget! Some of the employees seem knowledgeable on Paleo, Gluten- Free and healthy eating.

For tonight dinner I made Sweet Potato Fries with Olive oil, Sea Salt and Cracked pepper.  Simple and fast! The author of these also has a blog and wrote the forward to “Make it Paleo”. His family has been eating Paleo for a long time and his recipe’s look delicious! Check out Mark Sisson:

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