Paleo Progress and Starting out

It is 2 days after the biggest eating day of the year and Brandon and I chose to continue our healthy eating habits even through the holidays. We didn’t stay total Paleo but we made “better” choices than years past. (One dessert rather than a plate full of desserts).  Brandon passed up two Free pizza meals in one day and went almost crazy with hunger cravings. I was getting nervous that this life change and paleo had become too much for him until today….

BSF concert in 2007

Two days after Thanksgiving when most people are feeling stuffed and lazy ~ Brandon has been up, active and hunting. I noticed his pants were extra saggy and falling down so I took my sister to Gap and we found him his favorite pair of jeans. We brought them home tonight and THEY FIT! They were the loose and comfortable jeans that he always loves. Only this time… they were a lot smaller!
It was at that moment he decided that, he really enjoyed our life change and he is pretty sure he can continue on.

The point:
 1.) To brag on my husbands hard work! I LOVE him

2.) To let you know that you can have a day like Thanksgiving and Holidays to cheat on your normal routines. (And you won’t gain 40 lbs. in one cheat day- Don’t feel guilty just start again.) Beating yourself up for eating and living is going to cause you to stress and want to give up.

3.) Size 32 jeans surpassed Brandon’s goals of this life change. He wanted to feel healthy and more energetic. He wanted to lose weight but he has dropped over 25 LBS and he is feeling, healthy, Happy and looking good in smaller clothes while he does it 😉

“All who have accomplished great things have had a great aim, have fixed their gaze on a goal which was high, one which sometimes seemed impossible…”

Orison Swett Marden

I should add that this has been achieved with limited work outs due to a shattered elbow during a bike wreck in July! All he did was change his eating habits.


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