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Paleo Recipes and Real Life Adventures

Paleo/ Primal Eating- Tips and Help

Weight loss, Healthier, more energy, No more medications, Better hair, better skin, better achievements at the gym, A fun challenge, Try something new that you don’t have to pay for a meal plan or a gym membership! Brandon lost a pants size without stepping foot in a gym!
Try it for 21 days and I garuntee that you won’t regret it!!
                Typical week for us:








Paleo Meat staples:

  • Venison, Beef, Bison
  • Free- Range chicken or game birds
  • Nitrate free bacon or ham
  • Roasted Turkey
  • Pork
    *Try to go with Grass fed, lean meats for the bulk of your meat eating. Breakfast meats are tricky- we do ham, bacon or even left over pulled pork or steaks with eggs or in an omelet.

My Paleo Snack or side dish staples:

Fresh Salsa
Grape tomatoes
sesame seeds
Macadamia nuts
Berries or in season fruits
Almond flour (buy in bulk)
Coconut flour
Any fruit in moderation
a little dried fruit in moderation
Dark chocolate 72% or higher in moderation
*Eat all the veggies you want- some days I eat an entire container of cherry tomatoes for a snack.
Dijon mustard’s
oil and vinegar
Herbs and spices

Try to avoid:

  • Dairy products (If full Paleo, if just primal- you may have full fat, raw organic milk products- Brandon is more Primal because he still does grass- fed cheese)
  • Sugar (yes sugar is not paleo) -replace with honey, palm sugar or maple syrup- all natural
  • Juices- make your own
  • White/ wheat flour
  • Grains- your body cannot naturally digest them
  • no white potatoes
  • corn
  • Legumes- What the heck is a legume?
  • Soy
  • *When buying dark chocolate- try to get soy, dairy free – or make sure soy lechtin is last on the list*
  • Trans-fats
  • Processed- pre made foods.
  • Vegetable oil
    Best tip– Read the labels and make sure you know what all of the ingredients are before you buy them. Buy foods with the least amount of ingredients.

*I’ve noticed that if I pre-slice some of the veggies and keep them in an easily accessible container- I am more likely to snack on them rather than opening up a chocolate bar or a bag of nuts and dried fruits.

For a great description and shopping list check out Mark Sisson. For some great inspiration and to see what your foods are doing to your body, read the Friday success stories- make sure you have a box of tissues!
For a good recipe book check out: Make it,,,,


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