This is what I feel like… This is what I look like

“No matter what you’ve been through, no matter what you into, no matter what you see when you look outside your window, Brown grass or Green grass, picket fence or Barbed wire- Never Ever put them down, you just lift your arms higher, raise them til your arms tired. Let em’ know you’re there
That you struggling and survivin’ that you gonna persevereYeah, ain’t no body leavin, no body goin’ home…”Inspirational words from  Lupe Fiasco

This is the song I listen to when I am about to give up or quit running because I think I am going to die but then I start singing this and it get’s me pumped up for the last of my workout. Yes- I run down the streets singing this out loud… On Thursday a friend of mine shared some photos with me and for some reason the image of me rappin along to my gangsta jams came to mind… I laughed hysterically but then got a little self- conscious that, I actually do look like the “this is what I REALLY look like portion of the photo”. GET OUT, GET MOVING- it doesn’t matter if you are the hot chicks or the nerdy, two left feet dancers- what matters is that you feel good and your doing something for you. So go download Lupe Fiasco and sing your heart out in public! 😉 Happy Saturday morning.

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