Thursday motivation

“80 percent of success is showing up.” – Woody Allen
I tried Boot camp at my gym tonight and Monday I am going to my first Cross Fit session. I really am not a strong person, I have ZIP, ZERO, ZILCH upper body strength but I am interested in the different classes and strategies that will help me gain some strength. I would not normally go to classes that I can’t walk in and stand in the back until I am comfortable with them but I had some friends invite me to tag along. Thanks to my friends for always encouraging me and helping me out. Especially my wonderful Husband and Tim Morrill for your demanding workouts for my push up/pull up goals 🙂 OUCH!
If you are struggling with getting  out, joining a gym, walking/running a race- The best advice I can give you is to invite a friend, force your significant other or just show up and force someone in the class to be your friend!!!
Why YES, This was how I felt tonight!

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