30 Day Trial: You Can Do It

I found this on Balanced Bites blog a few days ago and I signed up. We have been primal/ paleo for over 3 months now and we are still learning new things all the time. I am constantly keeping up to date on research and new ideas so that I can make sure I am doing the best for Brandon and I and our health. 

Whether you are new to Paleo, not sold on the idea, think we are weird and depriving ourselves of “Normal” food, been doing it for a long time- I am sure you will get something out of this. Paleo Summit conference– online conference starts on Sunday and lasts 8 days. It is Free to register and looks like a pretty good balance of speakers… I obviously won’t spend too much time listening how to make Paleo work for my kids 😉 but I would love to hear Matt Stone’s take on Paleo and Mark Sisson’s thoughts on what we should be eating and why. 

Check out some of these interviews and decide if Paleo/ primal or even portions of it might work for you and your family. Challenge: Give it a 30 day trial and I bet you won’t want to go back to the way you are eating now!

~Looking forward to a day of Farmer’s Markets, running and hanging with Brandon tomorrow!~ 

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