Bloating, Achy, Gassy Feeling and How to Troubleshoot!..Part 2

I hope you got something of of part one. I know it was a lot but it is all so helpful. Here is the last of what I learned from Dr. Allison Siebecker . Remember that these tips aren’t for eating Paleo or Primal they are for anyone who struggles with IBS, bloating, gas, etc… Even if you aren’t on a low carb diet- these steps will help you find out what is hurting your stomach problems.
What do I do if I have a sweet tooth and what would the best Sweeteners be for cooking and eating?
Here are some sweeteners and a blurb about what they do and where they go in your body.
  • Honey– would be the best because it is ready to be absorbed –monosaccharide. There are tons of benefits in honey. Try to buy local honey because it can help fight allergies.
  • Pure glucose (dextrose)-  will absorbs in GI tract
  • Stevia- Difficult to bake with, may be packaged with insulin (prebiotic)
  • Maple Syrup
Try to limit or avoid:
  • Agave-very high in fructose, contains prebiotics
  •  xylitol and erythritol, table sugar-limit amount
Here is what Dr. Allison Siebecker says about sweeteners: “My patients do better with a little bit of honey in their diet.”
Dairy seems to be a controversial topic among health food gurus. I am always seeing mixed reviews but on thing that seems to be consistent is that you need to do what feels best for you. If you drink milk and get cramps- DON’T DRINK MILK!!!
Troubleshooting Dairy:
Problem: Lactose- bacteria can feed on (milk sugar)
Eliminate dairy for several days and see how you do. It is different for everyone.
Try lactose free dairy
Use lactose free dairy products
Make your own yogurt
Choose aged cheese- Gouda, brie, cheddar, monetary jack
Choose Ghee and butter
If dairy is a problem avoid:
  • fresh cheeses- mozzarella, chev, creamed and cottage cheese
  • Store bought yogurt is NOT lactose free but if you must have it choose greek yogurt. 
“Majority of my patients can tolerate lactose-free dairy. In fact, their health improves when they include it.” Dr. Allison Siebecker
Another thing I hear is: “How do you eat so much fat in your meet yet you still lose weight?” “Doesn’t fat make you fat?” No! That is not the case. Fat burns Fat!
Fat Factor-
-Fat stimulates bowel movements
-reducing fat consumption may benefit those with diarrhea
-increase fat consumption to help with constipation
The basics of Troubleshooting:
-Try lactose Free dairy
-Avoid starchy tubers
-Avoid beans
-Avoid raw veggies and fruits
-Adjust levels of Fat accordingly
For more information do your research and check out the following links: (your phone/skype consultations available
SIBO class (7 hours) available at

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