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Paleo Recipes and Real Life Adventures

School Lunch- It’s what makes kids Crazy!

Today I got really angry at parents who allow their children to eat Public school food! Really? Do you know what your kids are eating? I am angry at the Government for thinking that a Corn Dog makes a nutritious BREAKFAST!

Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed corn dogs in my day- at a fair or for dinner but for breakfast at school when teachers need the kids to learn. These kids are starting out their day on a sugar high and we wonder why behavior problems in schools are at an all time high.

Let me share with you the school lunches that we are currently providing children in schools.

  • Corn dog (renamed Turkey sausage wrapped pancake)
  • Sugary cereal
  • Cinnamon Roll
  • Graham Crackers
  • Flavored sugary yogurt


  • Chicken tenders with a fruit roll (this is a chunk of dough with some apple pie filling)
  • Taco Salad- the meat they used is really gross- not really beef. Check out this article in the Washington Post
  • Pink Slime
  • Spicy Chicken on Bread
  • Fried Egg Roll

And if the kids don’t have any lunch or money- they give them two pieces of bread and a little cup of PBJ mixture.

  • Ice Cream and sugary cobbler thing

Good things about the breakfast:
The kids aren’t going hungry but the nutritional aspect is ZERO

Good things about the lunches:
They are always offered great side dishes:

  • Raw or cooked Veggies
  • Fresh or dried fruit

Check out the nutrition facts online. It shows total carbs but it doesn’t give specific sugar intake.

I have mixed feelings:

1.) If you are going to send your kid to school and let them eat school lunch, don’t ever complain about their health or behavior

2.) I am sad that there are families who can’t afford lunch and their kids have to eat this sugary crap and then they get in trouble for behavior (it’s a sugar high!!). I wish that the Government would wake up and realize that just because you stick brown rice and a whole grain label on something- it doesn’t make it healthy. Turning a corn dog into “Turkey Sausage”- it still doesn’t make it better.

3.) Invest in some Tupperware, boil some eggs and pre-cook come bacon, make a salad and some grilled chicken and send your kid to school. Check Out Every Day Paleo for some good ideas for packing kid lunches. Send Fresh Fruit, Jerky, veggies, water or nuts/seeds.

4.) When packing your kids lunches these items are not okay:

                                                                                                                                                                            There is a reason there is a fat kid on here!


 Remember that if you choose to eat Gluten, and Sugars it should be eaten in Moderation especially with children. Gluten is linked to so many behavior issues in children- You might want to eat healthy for weight loss but your kids need to eat healthy for brain development! 
KIDS FIRST- Think before you grocery shop or buy a school lunch!

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