Are you wasting your strength?

Watch this video, cry and realize that sometimes getting up off the couch to do a lap around the block shouldn’t be a chore. Be thankful for what you have and don’t let your health slip away by sitting back and wasting your good legs, your strong back and  your strength. Watch this video and think:

Memorial Day Weekend Fun

Beautiful Hydrangea’s that my mom brought me from her garden!

     I posted about Brandon all weekend and that was mostly for family and friends. What did I do? Watched and photographed Brandon’s swims, cleaned, cooked, blogged, school work and got to hang with my parents. They decided to come down Sunday night and play! My dad and I got up at 6:30am and went for a 3.5 mile walk around my neighborhood. I love spending time with my dad- he is the best dad in the world! We talked about lots of stuff and enjoyed the beautiful morning weather. Brandon and I also made dinner for my parents on the grill and some dessert. 

Here is something for my foodies! 

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More Swimming Pictures

Today Brandon swam a 2 mile race and then a 1 mile race. They call this weekend a “Triple Dipper” for him since he participated in all three race. 66 people signed up for the triple dip but only 46 completed it. Brandon got 29th! He finished 4th in his division for both the 2 miler and the 1 miler. Again relying a good meaty burger and veggies the night before and a Thunderbird Energetica Bar, banana and TONS of water for a pre-race breakfast. I am so proud of him and it was a great accomplishment for someone who was told it would be a long time, if ever, that he would be able to swim competitively again. Continue reading

Brandon’s Reston 5k Swim

His number one fan! Love him!!

Up at 5 in the morning for Brandon’s 5k swim in Reston. Today was the 25th annual JMLS Lake Audubon 3.1 mile swim. He did a fantastic job and got a medal for finishing 3rd in his division. We were joking that his previous pre-swim meals consisted of a bagel with peanut butter and carb loading. Post race he would have milkshakes, gatorade and more carbs. Today his race meal was a banana, Zico Water and a Thunderbird Energetica bar. He had plenty of energy and had no problems finishing the race (even said he could have kept going!) After the race he still had energy and had a bowl of scrambled eggs with chicken and bacon. Just goes to show that the Carb load isn’t necessary and that real natural food is a great option for pre-racing. He got a new Xterra WetSuit Wet Suit and thought it was incredible- no rubbing or irritation, easy to put on and it got the job done without lathering on body glide.  Continue reading

Picnic Ready Lettuce Wraps

       Happy Memorial Day weekend! We are kicking our weekend off with a picnic at Lake Audobon in Reston. Tomorrow Brandon is swimming a 5k there and then on Sunday he is swimming a 2miler and a 1 miler. We headed there tonight to check things out before we have to be there at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning. Since we both worked today and wanted to get to the park fast, I stopped and grabbed a Rotisserie Chicken from Giant and a few other goodies for our picnic dinner at the lake. 
Tonight I made Lettuce Wraps, grabbed some Food Should Taste Good Sweet potato chips (kinda hardly made it to the lake since I started eating them in the kitchen!!) and some fruits and veggies. 
       When I got home I got straight to work on trying to get something that would be packed full of protein and carbs but easy to picnic with. Here we have Picnic Ready Lettuce Wraps. Enjoy!

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Lovely Lemony Meal

Today I came home and had this fabulous recipe in my head. When I came into the house and looked in the freezer, I was out of Chicken. I went into the garage freezer and found some Pheasant from Brandon’s winter hunt. I was excited but knew that I would have to make a marinade and let it soak a bit longer. Pheasant is a bit tougher than chicken and it takes longer to soak in the flavors but if you do it correctly, it tastes like moist chicken. Fortunately I had time because Brandon was finishing his swim at the gym and he still had to heat up the grill. I got to use Fresh Rosemary from my garden so I spent a little bit of time weeding  while the pheasant marinated and I even experimented with a lemon bread.
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Pulled Roast Omelet

         Last night we went to a friends house for dinner. He is a chef and makes us the most amazing dishes all the time. We rarely turn down invites to their house. He has been making some BBQ sauces and last night we tried a pineapple Jalapeno, a Black Cherry and a Coffee. Our favorite was the coffee Sauce that he tentatively names “Black Tar”. Being an awesome guy, he gave Brandon and I a bottle of it because we loved it so much. So last night I threw a roast in the crock pot and this is one of the recipe’s I made with it. 

        Erinn’s BBQ sauce is not for sale yet so you will have to use any BBQ sauce or follow the directions and just add your favorite BBQ sauce instead. Check out his blog for future Sauce and spice sales and great recipes. 

Black Tar BBQ sauce drizzled on top gave this roast a juicy spicy flavor but not overpowering. 

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Goals and Achievements

“Set goals and relentlessly 
pursue them.”– Tim Morrill

This week I have come across several people that are taking that exact advice, myself included. 

My husband went from 216 pounds down to 158 pounds in a matter of months because he set a goal to get healthy and relentlessly pursued it (with the help of my cooking I might add!) 

I have a friend that started a weight loss program and has lost over 50 lbs.a in a matter of 5 months and she set a goal to shop at store that sold regular sizes and today she was in a shirt that was an XL and it was big on her. She set that goal and continues to pursue it. 

GOTR 5k Banana (Nut bread)

Nothing better than a banana after a run (Or banana Nut bread). Today I had the GOTR 5k race. The girls did an amazing job and the coaches and staff couldn’t be more proud. Everyone worked so hard for this event. Every girl finished and all the buddy runners plus families came out to support them. I got to run with one of the girls and I was blown away by her effort she showed out there today. She was giving it her all and was able to run the entire race. Check out a few photos from the race!

Italian dinner gone Primal

  • Monday I swam 1 mile and ran 3 miles.
  • Tuesday I biked 11 miles
  • Tonight I ran 3 miles, did 33 laps in the pool, 30 min walk with the dogs…

   My body is tired. I think I will take the day off tomorrow! I am actually physically exhausted, I couldn’t finish my swim tonight because my goggles were fogging up and leaking but rather than pushing through I just stopped and sat on the side waiting for Brandon to finish swimming his 2 miles. UgH! Sometimes we just need to relax and take a rest. Now I am eating some almonds and sitting on my couch in silence. It is WONDERFUL!

   Tonight dinner was: Look, my hot oregano is thriving in my garden, what can I make with it? Italian dinner!
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