Brandon’s Reston 5k Swim

His number one fan! Love him!!

Up at 5 in the morning for Brandon’s 5k swim in Reston. Today was the 25th annual JMLS Lake Audubon 3.1 mile swim. He did a fantastic job and got a medal for finishing 3rd in his division. We were joking that his previous pre-swim meals consisted of a bagel with peanut butter and carb loading. Post race he would have milkshakes, gatorade and more carbs. Today his race meal was a banana, Zico Water and a Thunderbird Energetica bar. He had plenty of energy and had no problems finishing the race (even said he could have kept going!) After the race he still had energy and had a bowl of scrambled eggs with chicken and bacon. Just goes to show that the Carb load isn’t necessary and that real natural food is a great option for pre-racing. He got a new Xterra WetSuit Wet Suit and thought it was incredible- no rubbing or irritation, easy to put on and it got the job done without lathering on body glide. 

Brandon started out in Heat F but finished with Heat D at 1:28:51. I am so proud of his achievement. He is only 10 months out from serious elbow surgery and he was able to be competitive with some great swimmers. Tomorrow he is getting in and doing it again a 2miler and then a 1 miler. Hope tomorrow goes as well! Woohoo!

Xterra Wet Suit
Cherry Walnut Crunch Thunderbird Bar
Pineapple Zico Water

Brandon Brown- 1:28:51

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