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Garden Update

I have learned a lot from my mom but one thing that I am still learning is how to garden. My mom has a beautiful yard full of fragrant flowers, veggies, herbs and a little bit of everything. She always has fresh bouquets in our rooms and around the house. When I moved into our home in Virginia I immediately started trying my hand at gardening. Calling my mom and asking her questions. Making her come down and show me where to dig, where to plant, what to plant and when. It took 3 years but I am finally starting to get the hang of it. My roses are really taking off, I have a wonderful vegetable garden growing and today I was able to make my first vase of flowers. I felt like I was at home again. This post is for my mom, no food, no health rant just pure beautiful gardening success! Thanks for teaching me everything I know about gardening momma. I love you! 

My little yard visitor- Chipper
This smells like spearmint!
Daisies, knockout rose in awesome hot pink and a barberry bush I found in my back yard-it use to be just two little twigs.
Jethro Grass, lambs ear, creeping myrtle and some roses I transplanted and they are really coming to life here.
My little Visitor- Marley
She was just checking things out!
Climbing rose bush, I thought it was dead last week but it has gotten fresh leaves and it’s getting taller. I nursed it back to health from just one short stem I found 3 years ago in the yard.
Rhododendron, when we first moved in it was dying and brown. I wanted to rip it out but my mom convinced me to nurse to back to life a little. Today it got its very first blossom.
Black eyed susans, bucket of mint and a few things my mom donated from her garden.
Love these Roses
A donation from my mom
This bush was tiny and only ever got one rose but we moved it under the kitchen window and now it has lots of blossoms.
Long stem roses- Hot Pink this year
Next project- we transplanted this crepe myrtle tree and it loves the corner of our yard.
My first full bouquet!
Mommy Cardinal enjoy eating the berries and seeds in our yard now.
                  Romain Lettuce after
Romaine Lettuce before



Newly planted Garden
Growing Garden! It is actually growing!!!!


Dogwood fixed up and blooming now!
                                          Enjoying our yard!

A before snapshot:  

In this mess I found rose bushes, crepe myrtle tree, barberry tree and  other random flowers.


1 thought on “Garden Update”

  • Im glad you love your garden and taking pride in your home.
    Now if I just had some grandbabies blooming in the garden..heeeheee!
    you make me proud. Love you.

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