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Goals and Achievements

“Set goals and relentlessly 
pursue them.”– Tim Morrill

This week I have come across several people that are taking that exact advice, myself included. 

My husband went from 216 pounds down to 158 pounds in a matter of months because he set a goal to get healthy and relentlessly pursued it (with the help of my cooking I might add!) 

I have a friend that started a weight loss program and has lost over 50 lbs.a in a matter of 5 months and she set a goal to shop at store that sold regular sizes and today she was in a shirt that was an XL and it was big on her. She set that goal and continues to pursue it. 
All 14 of the girls on the run girls set a goal to run a 5k and they too pursued and accomplished their goal. 

What is your Goal? How will you achieve it? What are you doing to pursue it? What will your goal be after you have achieved your current goal?

My goal was to do a push-up. With the help of my husband and my friend Tim, I accomplished and surpassed that goal. I am not doing several push-ups, I can do a chin-up and I work on it almost every night. Now that that goal is accomplished, I set a new goal. I believe we should always have a goal in mind so we are driven to be the best we can be. 
My goal is to tone up and get my core into shape. I am currently starting to swim, continuing to run, adding some biking and looking around at different core workouts. Part of this goal is limiting fruit and cutting out sweets, hardest part for me but I am 6 days in and I already notice a change. 

Brandon in December 2012

Brandon 4 months and about 50 Lbs… later in April 2012

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