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Today Brandon swam a 2 mile race and then a 1 mile race. They call this weekend a “Triple Dipper” for him since he participated in all three race. 66 people signed up for the triple dip but only 46 completed it. Brandon got 29th! He finished 4th in his division for both the 2 miler and the 1 miler. Again relying a good meaty burger and veggies the night before and a Thunderbird Energetica Bar, banana and TONS of water for a pre-race breakfast. I am so proud of him and it was a great accomplishment for someone who was told it would be a long time, if ever, that he would be able to swim competitively again.
2 Miler Race and Opening Ceremonies

Honoring Military with moment of silence and the anthem
No wet suits allowed caused a lot of people to quit or drop out.  The water was almost 80 degrees

double dipped results
Hyper Hawaiian Crunch Bar

1 Miler Race
I call this next series- Brandon kickin butt! Watch the guy next to him- YAY
And he pulled ahead and beat that guy out of the water! GO Brandon! 
Brandon is in the front and the guy stopped with his head out is the guy trying to race him! 
This is the first group coming in. A girl from Yale won- she was awesome. 

Triple Dip Certificate! 

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  1. Hey Rick, I got some pictures of you too! I will send them over when I get a chance and you can put them on your blog too.

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