Picnic Ready Lettuce Wraps

       Happy Memorial Day weekend! We are kicking our weekend off with a picnic at Lake Audobon in Reston. Tomorrow Brandon is swimming a 5k there and then on Sunday he is swimming a 2miler and a 1 miler. We headed there tonight to check things out before we have to be there at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning. Since we both worked today and wanted to get to the park fast, I stopped and grabbed a Rotisserie Chicken from Giant and a few other goodies for our picnic dinner at the lake. 
Tonight I made Lettuce Wraps, grabbed some Food Should Taste Good Sweet potato chips (kinda hardly made it to the lake since I started eating them in the kitchen!!) and some fruits and veggies. 
       When I got home I got straight to work on trying to get something that would be packed full of protein and carbs but easy to picnic with. Here we have Picnic Ready Lettuce Wraps. Enjoy!

Picnic Ready Lettuce Wraps

4 Large Romaine Lettuce Leaves
Thin slices of: Cucumber, Tomato, Onion, Carrots and Avocado
4 Strips 
Chicken Breasts or a Rotisserie Chicken
Dijon Mustard if desired


  1. In a skillet, Cook bacon to a crisp.
  2. Slice carrots, onions and Cucumbers into long thin slices (this will give it a nice crisp in every bite.)
  3. Slice thin slices of tomato and avocado.
  4. Prepare 4 Big leaves of Romaine for wraps
  5. Cut chicken breasts into bite size pieces. 
  6. On one Lettuce leaf, stack your ingredients in the center. Then top it with a 2nd lettuce leaf.
  7. Roll it into a burrito shape and eat or roll it into tin foil for a picnic meal. 

     For our picnic dinner we had these wraps, a bowl of strawberries and blackberries and sweet potato chips. We enjoyed a nice walk along the lake and some bird and people watching on a bench while we ate. I hope that Brandon’s  pre-race nerves were calmed and he is all set for his Swimming weekend. 

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