Ham and Egg Burrito

One of my favorite things to do is surprise my husband with breakfast in the summer. This morning I woke up at 5am, i have no idea why, but I had an idea for breakfast that I knew Brandon would love. I got up and watered my garden, weeded and searched for any ripe veggies and then I started breakfast. Yesterday I got Ham from Applegate meats while I was at Trader Joe’s and I couldn’t wait for vacation to try it. My Grandfather used to make Continue reading

Summer Solstice Spicy Wraps

Today was my first day of Summer vacation! I had an alarm free wake up and it was great,  I got about 8 hours of great sleep. I had a little shopping trip with friends and then hit up Trader Joe’s for some meal ingredients for our trip to OBX next week.  I found some great items at Trader Joe’s. Check out: Applegate deli meats and Trader Joe’s Turkey Keilbasa. I also realized that Continue reading

15 Days into Detox

This week was easier and I didn’t have any bad days, headaches, cravings or weak moments. Brandon is sitting next to me eating a chocolate chip cookie bar and I don’t even care! I am full from dinner and am not tempted to give into his delicious treat. Someone asked what I learned through this experience so far. It kind of threw me off guard and I had to really think about it. So here is what I have come up with. Continue reading

Cajun Chicken Stew over Mashed Cauliflower

Caraway Biscuits look for these in a post coming soon! yummy

Today we had a lot of cleaning and organizing to do before my summer vacation officially starts. We went through and organized the kitchen, our attic and our bedroom. In this process we began trying on clothes and realized that in 3 months we had to box up and store another container of “too big for us” clothes. We can’t afford to lose anymore weight, clothes are expensive. Thank God it is summer and we mostly wear our bathing suits!


While we worked around the house I made a crock pot meal. It was great to enjoy this dinner on the back porch after a long day of working. Enjoy!

Cajun Chicken Stew Continue reading

Deconstructed Zucchini Lasagna

After a long day of work and an hour of Physical Therapy for my knee, I got home and I was craving meat and veggies. I didn’t have time to make my original Zucchini Lasagna recipe so I had to improvise. After searching the fridge for some ingredients, I created this delicious, fun and very easy recipe. It was surprisingly filling and made enough for dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow.

Continue reading