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21 Day Sugar Detox- 4 Days Strong

On Monday I started a 21 day sugar detox and I wish I could say it is no big deal. This is hard!!!!!
I was okay on day 1 but day 2-4 were not so easy. I was eating fruit daily and allowing myself dark chocolate just about every day. While I never gained weight from eating this way, I wasn’t losing anymore weight either. I decided that I have 23 days to work on my beach body before our OBX trip and I wanted to feel good. I know what you are thinking- you eat Paleo so you aren’t eating sugar anyway. Right but I this is cutting out way more:

  • No Sweeteners (even natural)- Honey, Agave Nectar, Maple Syrup, Raw Cane Sugar
  • No Fruits
  • No Dairy

I am trying to teach my body not to depend on sugar as a meal replacement or a quick snack when I am hungry. We should be filling our meals with vegetables and proteins. When I was eating it daily I noticed that I was always hungry and always needed to eat. I felt bloated and was having some image hiccups because of the bloating.

So here I am at the last few moments of day 4. This was the worst day so far and I am praying tomorrow is better. Today I was on edge from about 2pm-8pm. I was short tempered, easily irritated, tired, under my eyes got real dark, I was tired, cold and honestly just wanted to cry.
I am not sure if this was solely detox related or if the other factors in my life played into this (menstruation, last few days of school before summer, etc…) either way, it was not a good day and I have a headache.
I came home made a yummy Chicken, balsamic red peppers and onions Flat bread for Brandon and I. Then I packed our lunches and once I was able to finally sit down, I noticed my mood change a little.

I am proud that I have made it 4 whole days but I am really praying it gets easier because I do notice less bloating and my stomach has a little more definition. I was able to keep my size 4 Capri’s on despite being that time of the month! I am not very motivated to workout but I have been playing a lot with my kids- running, playground, monkey bars and pull up bars. When I come home though, I want to cook, pack my meals for Lunch and then go to bed. Watching Brandon cut up a delicious pineapple tonight in the kitchen was not very helpful but he looked like he was enjoying it and I couldn’t bring myself to be grumpy with him.

In need of prayers and encouragement- 17 days to go!!!!

I will post some meals after my first week is complete.

1 thought on “21 Day Sugar Detox- 4 Days Strong”

  • Hugs and prayers! You can do this! Under twentY to go!

    I definitely feel the stress too….and i have the same snappiness and I'm not sugar detoxing!

    You've got this!

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