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Paleo Recipes and Real Life Adventures

4 Year Anniversary Weekend

Hard to believe this was 4 years ago! 

          This weekend we took off for Rehoboth Beach, DE and stayed at Brandon’s grandmothers place. We did a lot of lying around on the beach, walking around the shops and boardwalk, paddleboarding and eating! It was a great way to have some alone time away from our busy lives to reflect on the past 4 amazing years. 
We have been through a lot (mostly good) and we are looking forward to many more wonderful years together.
           One of the changes has obviously been our diet and our healthier lifestyle changes. While we were sitting and chatting over a basket of nachos at Arenas, I told him that it was crazy that this is our “cheat” food. This led to a long conversation about what we would have eaten compared to what we eat now. Here is our list:

Pre Primal                         Primal

Day 1-                                                             Day 1- 
App:                                                  Meal:Nachos and water                       
Beer, Nacho’s                                       (cheat)
Turkey Club w/ more chips
Fish Taco’s w/ more chips
Brownie fudge sundae 

Day 2- 
Breakfast:                                        Breakfast: Apple and 
Fractured Prune Donuts( 4)         banana, a litte trailmix

Lunch:                                              Lunch:
Grotto Pizza and Sodas                 Italian sub Salad and water

Dinner:                                            Dinner:
Shrimp and Beer                            Shrimp and unsweet. tea
Nachos                                              Crab cake on cobb salad
Fried seafood                                   Fish tacos (cheat)

Dessert:                                             Dessert: Coffee
Candy Kitchen
Gummy worms
Chocolate covered oreos             

Day 3-

Breakfast:                                        Breakfast: 
Wawa Breakfast sandwich            Western Omelet with 
Starbucks frappe                             ham, peppers, onion and 
                                                           homefries (cheat)
                                                           Bacon and cheese omelet
                                                           with cantaloupe
                                                           Water and Coffee

Lunch:                                              Lunch:
Hardees burgers and fries            apples and tralmix

Dinner:                                             Dinner:
Take out when we got home.        Chicken and Green beans
                                                           Dark Chocolate bar!
         What a difference in our eating habits. I can’t even imagine being able to eat all that food that we use to eat. Just after this weekend I feel a little icky and I am going on a 21 day sugar detox (just back to basic paleo) No dairy or chocolate or honey for me. I am hoping to get myself into gear in time for OBX vacation in a few weeks.
          This was a fun game to play! Look at your daily foods, weekend eating and especially your vacation meals. Try to play this with your family and congratulate yourself on your improvements. 

     June 2, 2008

June 2, 2012


Some Rehoboth Beach photos!


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