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Paleo Recipes and Real Life Adventures

Vacation can be Tricky

What are your vacation treats? Have you looked at your before and after vacation lifestyle?

Today was the hardest day I have had in a long time on Paleo. We went to our

favorite breakfast place on Hatteras Island and realized the only thing we could have is coffee! Next we biked all over Ocracoke Island and went on a nature walk along the coast of the beach. I found beach glass and hermit crabs! For lunch we went to our favorite pub on Ocracoke island and I had to avoid a lot.

My Pre- Paleo Meal

  •  beer
  •  a strawberry daiquiri (or 2)
  • blackened tuna salad with honey mustard dressing
  • hushpuppies and fries.
My Paleo (ish) Meal
  • 2 mixed drinks
  • Blackened tuna salad with a homemade oil,vinegar and herb dressing
It wasn’t hard for me to pass up the breads and gluten filled products. Reading the Wheat Belly book has been really helpful in teaching me just how terrible wheat and grains are on our bodies. Fatigue, inflammation, depression, weight gain and so many health problems are just some of the issues linked to gluten. I chose to have the two mixed drinks because (I am on vacation and I wanted a drink) and they were my only gluten-free option. I have learned that for my body it would be better for me to have sugar than anything dairy or gluten. Dairy and gluten tear do terrible things to my stomach.
After our lunch, we drove over to the beach and walked off my drinks! When we came home we found out it was pizza night. (Pizza from our favorite local pizza place!) Luckily I had leftover zucchini lasagna. The only problem with dinner was that it was nacho night too. I made crab nachos with cheese that I couldn’t eat. So I just picked around the cheeses from the chicken nachos and picked around the cheese from the crab nachos. I am sure that I could avoid all of it but I did my best. I cheated with corn chips too but I made sure that I boughtgluten-free corn chips since I knew I would eat them. I still feel great and haven’t had any stomach issues. Even though today was a rough day, I am proud of the choices that I made. Looking back on what I would have eaten made me feel better. Not to mention the old Kimberly would have followed up this day with more alcohol and probably chocolate chip cookies!
We ended our night with a nice walk to the beach. Tomorrow I will be back on track and we have a lot of paddle boarding, swimming, walking and sunrise yoga in our future.

Biking the island for the day
We took both trails!

Hermit crabs that I scooped out of the ocean! (I put them back)

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