Sneak Peeks

Here is a little sneak peek of my day in the kitchen. This is just a photo story to get you salivating over recipe’s to come. Meal planning and packing for vacation and a dinner datewith the stone broke chef and his wife where we played with food!

Caraway Seed bread sandwich. My first Sandwich in over 6 months and it was incredible.

Caraway Seed bread! Excellent for sandwiches

Collards Ready for Grillin!

Pork, Venison Steaks, sauteed carrots, Grilled Collards and Bread!

Experimenting in the Kitchen with The Stone Broke Chef

Marshmallows courtesy of the! I can’t hardly wait to roast these on the beach. Too bad I am detoxing and couldn’t even taste test them.

Wipe the drool off your screen and check back for some of these delicious treats and meal ideas soon!

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