Why Compost?

There are several reason to compost your foods.

  1. You are creating nutrient rich soil that will give you healthier, richer foods.
  2. Prevents pollution.
  3. Free dirt when you are gardening!
  4. Don’t need to water as much
  5. Compost is easier to work with.
  6. My number one reason that I compost- See the pictures below, you never know what you will get in good healthy compost.

Somehow this Summer Squash grew in my                garden.

About 15 Squash growing out of my compost pile

My compost is overflowing with food!

I don’t know what this is, beets?

We don’t eat corn so I am not sure where this came from. Squirrel gifts.

These are items that I did plant and I am excited that they are growing.

We have 4 Cantaloupes so far.

3 green peppers so far

Cherry Tomato galore, Tons of Big Tomato and Peppers. Salsa?

Composting can be fun. I spent 20 minutes on the phone asking my mom what things are that are taking over my compost. It is neat to see the summer compost and the Fall compost. We also have pumpkins growing in the compost (and over and out of the compost.) Next time you are cooking and have scraps- don’t throw it in the trash! Find a corner of your yard and start composting. It doesn’t have to be fancy, ours is just a little garden box that we’ve been composting in for over 3 years.

Enjoy and reap the benefits of your easy work!

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