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Farm Fresh Baby Coming in July

It’s true! We are having a baby! We are thrilled and are busy (so busy) preparing for the arrival of little brownie bite at the end of July.
Pregnancy has been fantastic. I have not had any morning sickness or complications. I have been tired but am lucky to have super husband jumping in and taking over dinners and cleaning. One awesome thing about going Paleo, he learned to cook and follows my super easy recipes well.

I always thought that I would love pregnancy because I could eat whatever I wanted and not worry about gaining weight (that is what you are supposed to do right?) It’s not true… I have loved my pregnancy so far but I haven’t eaten whatever I want. These cravings are no joke though- some days I think that if I don’t eat an entire pineapple I might die!! The good news is that my non paleo cravings are few and far between. I found out I was pregnant the day before Thanksgiving. I realized then that I would have to make it through turkey day, Christmas, New Years and Super Bowl in my first few weeks!!! Talk about a challenge. It was not easy but I made it through with a minimal amount of cheating but here is why. Like I said, I had no morning sickness but the only times I felt gross and even more lazy was when I cheated with gluten! After a fall out with a Philly pretzel, I vowed that no matter what GLUTEN is not my friend.
I’ve have a lot of pregnant friends and family members and seeing their battle with morning sickness really makes me appreciate the fact that I’ve been okay, I don’t know if it is paleo related but that is where I will give the credit.

I am not 16 weeks pregnant and I have not cheated at all in 2 weeks. I have my energy back and I am much more helpful around the house. Today I spent the day making meals for our week so that I continue on this path. The hardest part was being so tired and so hungry that I would eat dried fruit with added sugars or more dark chocolate than I should have or nuts with bad oils. Now that the holiday temptations are out of sight I am hoping the will be less bad cravings.

Good Cravings: decaf. Unsweetened ice tea, pineapple, apples, cooked veggies, cheese and jalapeño meat sticks. (I’ve added a little cheese into my diet. My favorite is kerrygold dubliner)

Bad cravings: icing, Genos Philly cheesesteak, my grandmothers strawberry funny icing cake, chocolate chip cookies and PB&J. (Non of which I have had but I really want)

Rather than dwelling on what I’ve eaten over the past 16 weeks (really not that much) that might have been wrong. I decided to celebrate the cravings I haven’t fallen into!

Are you pregnant? Have you had morning sickness? Are your paleo? What are some paleo pregnancy advice or questions you have for me?


2 thoughts on “Farm Fresh Baby Coming in July”

  • I’m so impressed that you’ve resisted temptations so well while pregnant! I was not Paleo the first time I was pregnant, and I was sick as a dog. I was eating Paleo when I got pregnant this time around around, and I have only been sick around strong smells (toddler diapers are not a pregnant lady’s friend). As this pregnancy has progressed, though, I have really craved dairy… which usually really messes my system up, but while pregnant seems to be fine. I have a glass of milk before bed to prevent reflux, which gets worse as baby grows. And I allow some cheese and yogurt, too. The other Paleo cheat seems to be sweets and nuts. I try to bake options that are OK, but sometimes when I’m out running errands, peanut M&M’s call my name loudly. All in all, though, I think Paleo has helped lead me to a healthier pregnancy so far. I haven’t gained as much weight as last time, barely sick, and I have tons more energy.

    • Emily I think it is awesome the differences you notice in your paleo vs. non paleo pregnancies. I would love to see more data on this but it is hard to find. Pregnancy cravings are really no joke- I always thought it was just an excuse but they are super strong. Preparing foods and treats in advance has really helped. M&M’s -yum I would probably inhale them if I let myself buy some. I was on a Reese’s pieces kick earlier in my pregnancy so I had a few and now the thought of peanut butter grosses me out.
      I am have been craving dairy too and it is funny because I was never a fan of dairy per pregnancy and it bothered me too but now I can handle it and I want it all the time. 😉 so strange what pregnancy does to us girls. Thanks for sharing your story and good luck with your pregnancy!

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