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What Can I Expect From a Whole 30 Diet

What Can I Expect From a Whole 30 Diet


Have you discovered that you eat a lot of crap …. It is time to start planning your “lifestyle change” when it comes to food.

Are You Prepared To Work Hard 

Is that hard to cut out foods for 30 days?
What will I miss the most? What can I live without? (Think about your biggest cravings)
What do I want to keep out of my diet and what do I want to stay in?
How do I feel right now? Will I feel gross if I add all my foods back in?
What is my goal ? (Always have a goal to achieve!)

Chances are that if you do a whole 30 and then jump back into eating junk again, you’ll be puking in the toilet or walking around like a zombie.

Here is what I discovered during my first  Whole 30 challenge

Day 31

I added back honey, maple syrup, lots of fruit (unless you still need to drop weight, then you should limit your fruit still) dark chocolate 72%^

Week 1

I added dairy. My body felt awful and bloated so I removed dairy after just three days and I felt great again. I can have a ice cream or a little cheese here or there but no more Greek yogurt for breakfast, milk to drink or cheese on everything (luckily I was never a huge dairy fan anyway- just love ice cream!!) Brandon was okay with dairy and he will eat grass fed cheese and out cream in his coffee but he can’t have any dairy with added sugar like ice cream. We stick with almond milk and coconut milk at our house.

Week 2

I ate a sub (roll and everything) – let’s just say, I spent the night on the couch in tears having stomach pains… I gave it another shot the next day with some bread and the same thing. It took me a week to go to the bathroom. (Pre paleo, I went every 2 weeks. Once I cut out the gluten, this problem was fixed!) GLUTEN is not my friend and I do NOT touch the stuff. If you must have bread or pasta etc. try making your own with almond flours OR try gluten free options. Brandon feels a little bloated after gluten but for the most part it doesn’t bother him, however, we know gluten is awful for you so we choose to avoid it anyway.

Week 3

I had a gluten free cupcake (sugary and delicious)! This did not bother me and I still enjoy this sweet treat on special occasions. When it comes to sweets, I know that this is what makes my pants tight and what makes my face breakout so I limit the sweets to special occasions and try not to eat more than one a week–this includes dark chocolate and paleo treats!Brandon gets a headache from sugar so he avoids sweets!

Keep It Simple and Listen

The key with getting into a lifestyle eating routine is to LISTEN to your body. Add things in slowly and remove them as you feel needed. Don’t let yourself get back into the habit of feeling awful for food you clearly don’t need (you lived 30 days without them, you’ll survive!) if your pants start to feel tight again or that new found jaw bone disappears, cut out the sugars and limit fruits. If your not able to GO regularly, monitor dairy and gluten.

My suggestion is to try and eat paleo as an introduction to lifestyle change from whole 30 and allow yourself to have something on special occasions rather than every day. Make your ‘cheat foods’ worth it.



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