Whole 30 Week two meal plans and tips

Happy day 7! Can you believe you’ve already completed your first week of clean eating? You should be passed the “I hate this, give me chocolate or wine or a bag of flour to snort!”stage

.Have you noticed any changes? What was hard in week one? What are you going to do differently in week 2? I struggled with sugar withdraw- my head was killing me for a few days but I pushed through and now I feel awesome! Today I made it back into my skinny jeans!!! Yay for losing some pregnancy weight already.

Here are some of the meals and meal ideas we enjoyed- hopefully this will help you with week two meal planning.


Egg bakes, Smoothies (technically a SWPO but for busy moms and those on the go- it is helpful as a fall back), Sweet potato hash, bacon and eggs.


Chicken or tuna salad (made with avocado and spicy mustard rather than mayo), burgers loaded with veggies, Salad with meat, leftover dinners


Homemade meatballs and spaghetti squash, grilled pork chops with asparagus, Grilled chicken with Paleo BBQ sauce and smashed sweet potato, Crock-pot chicken with roasted zucchini and banana peppers and roasted baby carrots,

Some other meals from some Whole 30 Challengers who have joined the adventure:

Grilled tenderloin and grilled veggies- love the grill tray for quick tasty veggies! Make the grill your BFF for easy meals and easy clean up!


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