Sweet and Spicey Venison Bacon Roast

My husbands two favorite foods: Venison and Bacon!
There is nothing more rewarding for him than providing his family with meat for our table. I love experimenting with new ways to cook venison.
The key to a delicious venison meal is proper seasoning and most important proper cooking. Many of my friends tell me how much they hate venison and I realize that it is because they get dry over cooked and over seasoned meat. Many people try to “hide” the Continue reading

Paleo Baby

I have been so terrible about keeping up with blogging! I miss blogging and I feel like as a new momma, I am too busy figuring out when to shower and make dinner, let alone blog about dinner. We have been busy balancing life, staying paleo even when we have to eat out because I am too tired to cook, and now make paleo meals for Jackson too!
Parenthood been awesome but quite an adventure too! We have been cloth diapering, making laundry detergent, nursing, playing, scooting, rolling and not sleeping. He is a healthy and active baby? Our little one is pleasant and we enjoy him so much- I can’t out Continue reading