Paleo Baby

I have been so terrible about keeping up with blogging! I miss blogging and I feel like as a new momma, I am too busy figuring out when to shower and make dinner, let alone blog about dinner. We have been busy balancing life, staying paleo even when we have to eat out because I am too tired to cook, and now make paleo meals for Jackson too!
Parenthood been awesome but quite an adventure too! We have been cloth diapering, making laundry detergent, nursing, playing, scooting, rolling and not sleeping. He is a healthy and active baby? Our little one is pleasant and we enjoy him so much- I can’t out the camera down because everything he does is perfect! We have inky had one issue with his pediatrician visits. When Jackson was almost 5 months old he lost 3 oz. and then quit gaining weight. We had to go on a serious food intake mission for both of us. I had to increase my fat and calorie intake (easier said than done as a new mom who has no time to eat!) and I had to pump and monitor every ounce Jackson ate. It was an intense few weeks but he finally started gaining. After the doctors told me to switch to formula, I asked if he could just start on solid foods instead and they said yes. At 5 months and 3 weeks, Jackson was a solid food eating machine! I made him bananas, sweet potatoes, kale, green beans and applesauce. He loves everything and is now gaining weight like a champ! He went from 10lbs- 13lbs. 12oz. in about 6 weeks. He is still not on the Standard curve but he has created his own curve and the doctors have stopped pressuring me to switch to formula.
Now that Jackson is loving food, I thought I would share some of his favorite food combos for all those new Paleo mommas! I started with puréed foods in my Ninja but I am gradually moving toward tiny bite size pieces (baby led).

Sweet potato, apple, nutmeg is his all time favorite

Pumpkin, kale, banana

Green Beans and banana

Grass-fed full fat yogurt with fresh strawberries and blueberries

At his weight check yesterday the pediatrician recommended adding protein to his diet.Tonight he got to have Venison cut into tiny shreds the he could swallow it with some Cauliflower Mash and beef broth. He inhaled this meal!

Jackson loves chunks of fruit and veggies- he grabbed a banana out of hubby’s hands and started going to town. We got Mesh suckers to put fruits and veggies in for snack time. If you are a new mom and don’t have them, you should totally invest!
Another lifesaver is the “Fresh squeezed” baby food storage system. This is easy to use and great for food on the go- these packs are cheaper than the ones you can buy in the store AND you know what ingredients are really in them. We started with butternut squash and apples. You can buy a spoon attachment for infants at babies R us.

We are excited to introduce him to all of our favorite foods and I cannot wait for him to get a few teeth so that he can enjoy a wider variety. Next week we will introduce eggs and try to add more protein to his diet. I haven’t puréed meat for him because it grosses me out but I was excited to see that it isn’t necessary!

All those veteran moms- what are/ were your babies favorite foods? What did you introduce first? What did you wait to introduce? Did anyone else have weight issues with the little one while they were nursing on a paleo diet? What recipes can you share for the new paleo moms?






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