4 ingredient Banana bombs (Dairy and Egg Free)

As Jackson is beginning to transition from Pureed foods to solid foods, I’ve been working in the kitchen to make him easy meals. I often find myself giving him whatever I am eating so I need his food to taste good too.
I’ve gotten back into a good workout routine and have been focusing on healthy nutrition for fueling my workouts. (It’s almost beach season people!) Continue reading

Gluten Free Friends/ Celiac Friends! (not a Paleo post)


I always hear from my friends, “I could never go full paleo it is just too strict.” My advice to them is always, at least get rid of the gluten. The effects of gluten in our bodies is more serious than most people realize. I suggest reading Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis.

The problem with going Gluten Free, is that most gluten free products are so high in sugar and chemical ingredients to help with flavor. Sometimes gluten free products are Continue reading