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9 Things To Tell Yourself Everyday To Kill Negativity

9 Things To Tell Yourself Everyday To Kill Negativity

Inner Chatter is a Goal Killer!

We do it to ourselves every day.

As soon as we wake up, we tell ourselves, today I am going to do better (as if yesterday you failed).

We walk to the bathroom and glance at ourselves in the mirror. We immediately begin tearing ourselves apart. I have a blemish, gross, I’m such a wreck! Is it possible to gain 10 lbs. over night? I don’t think I was this fat yesterday. A gray hair? Oh my gosh, I’m just done! I’m not even worth it.

We get dressed, head downstairs, crank the coffee into our veins and continue our day of finding flaws in ourself.

Our Words Have Power

What we speak into our lives and into the lives of others holds value. When we constantly tear ourselves down, we begin to feel down and bad about ourselves. Words can put us in a very dark place if we don’t watch what we say.

We need to be our biggest cheerleader and begin speaking positivity into our lives. Our words should build us up, speak life and encourage. Check out these 9 things we can say to ourselves everyday to begin reaching our goals and creating a positive lifestyle.

9 Things To Tell Yourself Everyday:

  1. Every Day is a Fresh Start: If you didn’t like yesterday, try to make today better. We are lucky to wake up every day and get the chance to start fresh.
  2. People make mistakes, it’s what they do to correct their mistakes that matters: Go easy on yourself. We all make mistakes and you can either pity yourself or learn from the mistake. Mistakes help us improve!
  3. People who speak negatively about me, don’t really know my heart: Don’t give negative people power over your life. If someone is judging you from behind a computer screen or from a distance, that’s on them. You can’t let someone who doesn’t know the real you, bring negativity into your life.
  4. I can achieve my goals, but I have to work hard: Accomplishing your dream isn’t easy. You have to work hard and put energy into it, but you can achieve it if you try.
  5. I am loved: Stop picking out your flaws and start loving yourself. Look in the mirror and say it proud! God loves you and you should love you too!
  6. I am important: You weren’t put on earth randomly. Each and every one of us has a purpose in life. God’s plans for you are important and you are here intentionally.
  7. I can choose Happiness: We will have bad days and dark moments. We can choose happiness in situations. Take time to count your blessings and reflect on how far you’ve come in life.
  8. My past doesn’t control me, I can start over at any time: Everyone has a history, some more wild than others, but no one is perfect. What we did when we were young and dumb doesn’t have to be who we are today! Yes our past is important, but it doesn’t mean we can’t move on and be better now. We have this amazing ability to learn, grow and improve our lives.
  9. This is the only life I get, let’s make it epic: Don’t give up on yourself and quit. Stop letting your negative thoughts stop you in your tracks. This is your life and you get to control how you impact the world.


Build yourself up and speak positivity into your life. You deserve to be happy and feel amazing!

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