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Don’t Let Fear Make You Miss Your 2 Inch Moment

Don’t Let Fear Make You Miss Your 2 Inch Moment

A few years ago, our pastor told this story about the Pixar creator, Ed Catmull, being 2 inches from dying in a car accident as a child. Had that had happened, there would be no Pixar. The people that met through Pixar would’ve never met, would have never had their children, would never have the lives they live today.

How many times have we been 2 inches away from a drastic life-changing scenario, and we didn’t even realize it?

How many of the ordinary things that we do every day are actually a compilation of events that have the potential to change our lives?

6 years ago, I had just completed another yo-yo diet. I was successful on the diet, but it was expensive and it wasn’t something I could maintain forever. So I did what I normally do after a diet, I binge eat all the junk I want and then feel gross and sorry for myself.

My 2 Inch Moment

My 2-inch moment was a decision that I almost didn’t make. My 2-inch moment would have been the difference between living a life that I love, and living a life that I was just getting through.

Brandon came home one day and told me about this new diet that our friends wouldn’t shut up about. I initially told him, no way. I had already made my decision and it wasn’t going to happen.

What if he hadn’t convinced me to do this with him? What if I hadn’t taken a few minutes to research Paleo? What if I hadn’t stumbled upon Mark’s Daily Apple the next day at work?

If You Are Afraid To Go, Go Together

In the message our pastor shared, he related it to God knowing us better than we know ourselves. He said that God brings people into our lives to help us go through situations that we are afraid to go through alone.

In the time leading up to our lifestyle change, I felt like I was backed into a corner that only God could get me out. My depression, anxiety, and fear were at an all-time high. (Typical for me when I am in and out of strict diets) Brandon was dealing with some similar issues and we were both on the verge of requiring medication and guidance.

God Puts People In Our Lives When We Can’t Make It Alone.

I couldn’t do this change alone, but together, we were able to stick with it. That is what Brandon and I always say about our new journey. If I weren’t here cooking for him, he would have quit. If he hadn’t convinced me to start, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

Looking back at photos and re-watching the “2 Inch Moments” message, it forced me to reflect on how many things almost kept me from making a decision that drastically changed my life.

I wonder how many times I was too afraid to take a risk.
How many moments did I miss because I didn’t have a community or a partner to say, we can do it together.

People aren’t meant to be alone in life and while I often need alone time, I can’t do life alone.

This year has been my year of reflection and my year of taking risks. I could write tons of posts on the changes I’ve seen this year, but I won’t (for now).

I will share that the moments that stand out the most, all link back to community and support. I took a huge risk to make changes to my career and my faith over the last 3 years.

None of these would have happened if I hadn’t made a decision to change my lifestyle 6 years ago. The things I love about my lifestyle today, wouldn’t exist if I didn’t say Yes to my husband begging me to go Paleo 6 years ago.

Taking time to reflect on my life in celebration of our 6 years Paleo-versary has helped me see a bigger picture. My lifestyle isn’t just about the food I eat, it’s about the people I hang out with and the things I have learned along the way. There is so much more in store and I am excited to see what moments happen next.

Pay Attention To Your Moments

What if today we start living life the way we want and finding people in our community who support us, encourage us and help us to create a life we love?

Don’t let fear keep you from making a 2-inch moment that could change your life in ways that you wouldn’t believe in 1, 6 or 20 years from now.

Do you have a 2 inch moment story? I’d love to hear it, comment below!



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