My name is Kimberly. I am married to an amazing man- Brandon– he is my rock and my biggest supporter. I am an avid runner and he hasn’t missed a single one. He’s stuck by me through rain, snow, heat and nice weather too. Holding the race packets, sweatshirts, driving and being the official photographer for my friends and I. What a guy!!
         Let’s skip back to child hood: I remember when I was little I use to cry about my body and I constantly strived to perfect my image but nothing worked. I eventually gave up and just packed on some college weight and convinced myself that I was “Not that fat”. I was never morbidly obese but I got up to a “tight” size 12- should have been a 14 before I entered college. All of my sisters were fabulously beautiful and thin and I wanted to be like that too but I was not blessed with their genes! Don’t even get me started on family “black dress photo day”. I went to college and got down to a size 10 before my wedding and moved to Northern VA. Once I moved to NOVA, I started having anxiety and panic attacks. My doctor gave me Xanax and told me to take it whenever I feel an attack coming on. I took the medicine and it made me feel okay but not great. I completely quit caffeine and started changing small things in my diet. I started teaching and met some friends and started running with them. I completed my first half marathon and began coaching GOTR for my school.
During my time in NOVA I had a colonoscopy and other more private medical issues. I decided that Brandon and I needed to get healthy. We started going to the gym, eating a lot healthier and we even did a triathlon together. We both dropped weight and I started doing Medifast. While it is not a maintainable weight loss method, it did teach me to eat with portion control. I dropped down to a size 8 and was starting to feel a little better and needed less Xanax. Last year I got diagnosed with Anemia and found myself getting colds, swine flu, headaches and I was constantly freezing.
            Friends of ours started eating the Paleo diet- Brandon and I thought they were nuts. How could anyone eat like that? Is it maintainable? We were not even willing to try it! Until, 3 days before Thanksgiving Brandon decided that it might help with some of our health issues and we should give it a shot. We jumped in and didn’t bother preparing. Those 3 days were terrible because we weren’t prepared. *note to self- research, grocery shop and prepare before you start a diet* … We bought a copy of Mark Sissons – 21 day transformation and the Make it Paleo Cookbook by Bill and Haley. After doing some reading and following some blogs, we stuck with it and have no plans of stopping. We are loving food, cooking and all of the energy we have. We have improvements in our health, sleep patterns and we have noticed huge improvements in our athletic abilities.
              After just 6 months we have improved our health, cut out all medications and we are running, biking, swimming, playing and enjoying life more than we ever have.
Brandon lost a total of 62 pounds in 6 months. He went from a size 36 waist to a size 29. I choose not to rely on the scale but I have dropped from a size 8 to a size 4. Check out our before and after photos below.
Now we have a healthy 1 1/2 year old boy and another baby due in June. During pregnancy, I maintained my Paleo habits and had an amazing healthy pregnancy and our little guy is happy and healthy. I was able to lose my pregnancy weight quickly through Nursing and Palo. We have been loving eating healthy as a family and our son is a total Meat-a-holic! His favorite foods are Venison and Bananas.
            Thanks for checking out the blog and please share you thoughts, ask questions and share the site with others.

A year leading up to our Paleo transformation.


6 months into our Paleo lifestyle

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  1. Amazing story! Keep it up. I am glad I found your blog it has been inspiring, been doing mostly Paleo ( can’t quit Dairy) Since September and really love the energy

    • Thanks so much for the comment! Congratulations on your success! My husband still does dairy and since I’ve been pregnant I’ve been having dairy here and there- mostly just cheese. We use kerrygold dubliner grass fed. As long as you feel good and notice the awesome changes, I think that is great. Keep up the good work and thanks for following farm fresh

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