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As I begin reflecting on my Paleo journey, I am getting pumped to celebrate 5 years . I can’t believe it’s been 5 years already- time has flown by.

We had a rough start but through determination, support and tons of success, we stuck with it and couldn’t be happier!

As you know, I have moved over to Paleo8020 to continue blogging, writing and inspiring others to GO PALEO!

I hopped on Farm Fresh to find some recipes and photos from the start of our journey and I laughed, cried and sat in amazement at how far we have come.

Check out these photos:

A year leading up to our Paleo transformation.

A year leading up to our Paleo transformation.

6 months into our Paleo lifestyle

6 months into our Paleo lifestyle

Brandon running his 2nd Half Marathon

Brandon running his 2nd Half Marathon

College 2006 and 10 years later in 2016

College 2006 and 10 years later in 2016

OBX November 2016 Celebrating 5 Years Paleo

OBX November 2016 Celebrating 5 Years Paleo

Real Life Paleo

Real Life Paleo

Wow! What a long way we’ve Come.

If you are wanting to find a new way to live or to explore a healthier lifestyle. Head over to my new website and sign-up for my Free Paleo Transition Guide.

Kick Start your journey today- it’s never too late!

With Love,

Kimberly Brown

Paleo On The Go

How can two little Humans require so much running around and movement!?

12631504_208951726122500_2563394526883689838_n          Some days they are more exhausting than triathlons and half marathons! I’ve discovered the truth in people saying, I don’t have time to eat because I have kids. I’ve had to take a step back over the last few months and create a Paleo routine with my new family dynamic.

I did a Whole 30 in January and it really helped me reflect on how Food is meant to heal and make us feel good. I have fallen in love with the Paleo lifestyle as a mom because I am able to teach my children what a healthy relationship with food can look like.

With that said.. WE ARE SO BUSY! I have officially stock piled my house with Paleo foods for on the go.

Plantain chips, RX BARS, trailmix and homemade muffins. I’ve never seen so many mason jars and tupperware containers in my pantry!! And of course our favorite Paleo food Thunderbird Bars


It is no new message that my Husband and I have been huge fans of Thunderbird bars for a long time now. I’ve tweeted and posted about them before but being a mom now, this love has grow even stronger. My son loves these bars and I am thrilled that our family can buy a box of bars and be satisfied for meals or snacks. I don’t have to make or find 4 different snacks for each of us! THANK YOU THUNDERBIRD BAR!

(I should note, I am not sponsored by this company. I just strongly believe in supporting good business and especially ones who value quality foods like we do! GO PALEO) 

If you haven’t tried these bars, you are missing out. Not only do they contain good ingredients, their customer service is incredible. I believe in their message:

“Real Food, Real Energy for Real People”. 


Do yourself a favor and Buy your loved ones these bars for Valentines Day. Nothing says I love you like the Hazelnut + Coffee + Maca bars. I was worried about the caffeine in these bars since I have been caffeine free for almost 7 years but I couldn’t resist trying them and so far, no caffeine headaches or side effects! (I’m not letting my 2 year old eat them though- mostly because they are too delicious for him! hahaha selfish mommy!) These bars taste like coffee brownies – SERIOUSLY, WHY AREN’T THEY IN YOUR SHOPPING CART YET?

We both agree our favorite is the Hazelnut. Super Hubby loves the Pineapple + Mango + Papaya. Baby boy and I are obsessed with sharing the Cashew + Fig + Carrot bars or the Cherry + Walnut + Cinnamon bars.

12243231_883393461759124_5187694033028025908_n CatdUKEVAAEaGkr.jpg-large

These bars are excellent on the go snacks because they actually satisfy your hunger.

So if you are busy like me – buy some bars and keep them in your bag, car or bed side table (don’t judge, I’m a nursing momma!)

My husband has been using these bars to fuel him during and post races!


Anytime we can support real food, good ingredients and awesome business, I say it’s a blessing!


So Thunderbird, Thanks and keep making these delicious bars.  I’ve been told Whole Foods carries them, but since I am so far away from Whole Foods- I order online Here!


What Fuels you? What are your Go-To PALEO on the go foods?



Farm Fresh Baby Coming in July

It’s true! We are having a baby! We are thrilled and are busy (so busy) preparing for the arrival of little brownie bite at the end of July.
Pregnancy has been fantastic. I have not had any morning sickness or complications. I have been tired but am lucky to have super husband jumping in and taking over dinners and cleaning. One awesome thing about going Paleo, he learned to cook and follows my super easy recipes well. Continue reading

Running Nutrition

This weekend was a very exciting weekend for Brandon and I. We were all signed up for the Rehoboth Beach, DE Seashore half marathon for Saturday. We’ve been training and getting ourselves pumped up for the race. This was going to be a really special race for me because it was Brandon’s first half marathon. He is not a “runner”, in fact, he hates running. I somehow convinced him to join me and we started our training 8 weeks ago. We were feeling great and enjoying our long runs together. Unfortunately, I did a big no-no! My foot began bothering me when I wore my fancy boots all day walking around and then I did a 5k in my old clunky running shoes. I started having severe foot pain but I trained through it because it didn’t hurt while I ran. We were up to 10 miles and after our run, I couldn’t walk normal for over a week. I fractured my foot and my doctors advised me NOT to run or I may risk serious injury. I decided to call it quits (Screaming and Crying)! But I am so proud of Brandon because he continued his training and completed his first half marathon on Saturday with a time of 2 hours 5 mins. He did such a great job and gave all the credit to being able to complete to his diet. Continue reading

Apples and Exploration

This video from my friend Tim pretty much sums up how I feel about my weekends and free time. Brandon and I love to have free time to just get out and explore. We did a lot of exploring this weekend. It is relaxing, rejuvenating and you never know what you will find.

This weekend we hiked, climbed trees, found some great wild life. We found a pick your own apple orchard thanks to Paleo parents and Aimee Buxton. We found some new adorable towns near our house and spent time with friends. These are the best weekends for us because you never know what you will get into.

What did you get into this weekend? Are you making time for exploration this Fall. It is one Continue reading

Red, White and Blue Muffins

In remembrance of those brave men and women that have served our Country. Farm Fresh and Active thanks the hero’s of our great nation. May God be with you and your families and may He send peace to Americans throughout the day. I took some time to reflect on today. My students are in 2nd grade, they were not born when this tragic event occurred. They had no idea and asked why we had Constitution Day. I filled them in on the events and shared where I was 11 years ago. My husband and I have chosen to go to NYC this year to run the Stephen Siller 5k through the tunnel toward the tower memorial. Going into this race at the end of the month, I know it will be extremely touching and tearful but I really want to do something to show support for all of those who have died. How did you take time today?
Red, White and Blue Muffins
Ingredients:  Continue reading

2nd Grade Health Lesson and Cajun Pasta

Today I was teaching my 2nd graders about healthy food options. We looked at the Standard American Food pyramid and one of my kids said but why don’t you ever get milk or bread? I said well, not everyone believes that this food pyramid is right for them and I know that grains and dairy don’t settle well in my tummy so I choose not to eat them. They asked what my Food Pyramid looked like so I drew it for them (I quickly got asked about my honey bottle and tiny stash of dark chocolate- so I had to draw a treat section!) I told Continue reading

Why Compost?

There are several reason to compost your foods.

  1. You are creating nutrient rich soil that will give you healthier, richer foods.
  2. Prevents pollution.
  3. Free dirt when you are gardening!
  4. Don’t need to water as much
  5. Compost is easier to work with.
  6. My number one reason that I compost- See the pictures below, you never know what you will get in good healthy compost. Continue reading

A Special Birthday Meal

Brandon’s birthday usually consists of Steak, Potatoes, Ice Cold Pepsi, Caravel Ice Cream Cake or Cheesecake factory cheesecake. This year things are slightly different! He is currently taking some College Classes to learn more about Computer nerd stuff for his job. Tonight he had a class (lame way to celebrate a birthday but much better than last years Birthday Mountain biking accident extravaganza!!) I was on a time crunch so I had to make a quick and easy meal to celebrate his 26 years. Brandon’s Birthday Menu Continue reading