New Adventures!

I am excited to announce a new adventure I am embarking on!

I absolutely love sharing my Paleo journey and cannot wait to be able to help more people along the way.

Over the past year I have been working with a team to build an amazing Paleo site. We want to help people all over the world. My goal is to reach those who have tried Paleo and failed and those who are new to the ideas of Paleo.

I’m excited to share that my new website: has launched this week.

On this site you will find recipes, stories and even my very first e-Cookbook!

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With Love,

Kimberly Brown


Welcome to the World

                     While life took a few crazy turns over the past few months, I have been enjoying every minute. This year we welcomed sweet baby Finley. 

           She was born at 36 weeks weighing 6 lb and 19″ long. I had an amazing delivery with a midwife in a hospital. Finley arrived exactly 30 minutes after my water broke- thank God we knew to head to the hospital early because of my delivery with Jackson.  I chose not to use any drugs but I did apply a blend of essential oils to help me focus and breath through the pushes. 

                 Anyone looking for good oils during labor? Try almond oil, lemon oil, patchouli oil, and clary sage. 

    This delivery was amazing and I loved very minute of it…(weird right?) I got to pull baby out and find out that she was a GIRL!! 

     We were excited but after my hour of skin time and a feeding, they took her to the NICU for fast breathing and low blood sugar. She had a couple choking episodes while she was there and she ended up staying for 5 days. 

      Talk about stressful. We were fortunate to stay with her all but one night. It was so scary watching our little one and feeling so helpless. I am so impressed by these mommas that spend weeks/ months watching their littles fight for life. We finally got to bring her home to meet her brother. Seeing my 1 1/2 year old holding his tiny 5lb. 4oz. baby sister was one of the greatest moments! It helped take away the scary parts of her first few days of life.

A few things I am thankful for:

1. Gods constant blessings for my family and a comfort in knowing we were surrounded by prayers the entire time.

2. My husband is so amazing and I cannot imagine doing life without him. He was very involved in the delivery and stayed by my side the entire time we were at the hospital. I love him more and more every day.

3. My two children (sounds so new and odd to me) are total blessings and I love them so much. As a stay at home/ work from home momma, I love watching them grow and experience new things.

4. When you have a baby and have to stay because of unplanned events, don’t expect the hospital to have the best paleo options. We ended up going to the cafe ourselves for every meal because they did not make changes for us on the in room service! We did splurge a lot on some awesome Gluten Free Brownies 

                                                       wrapped in my wedding gown 8 days old

                                                       3 Months Old

                I’ve been working a lot on a few other Paleo projects with some cookbook/blog companies. Now that we are in a pretty good groove as a family, I am excited to start sharing a few things we’ve been working on. 
                                   Welcome to the world Finley! We love you so much.

Blackstrap Molasses Cookies


I add Flax to smoothies and baked goods occasionally. Mark Sisson has a good article about too much Flax, so don’t over do it. Here is one way to get a little extra Omega- 3- Fatty Acids into my families diet. Cookies work every time for a 1 year old and my super hubby! These cookies are great for pregnancy as well- blackstrap molasses is a great source of iron.

Blackstrap Molasses Cookies Continue reading

Ginger Lemon Salmon Skewers

My husband, and now I’ve learned my son too, love to eat fish. I struggle getting my fish intake because it is not my favorite protein. I enjoy seafood when someone else cooks it. I used to avoid all things fish but after cooking it, per my husbands request, I’ve gotten better. Since we have moved to Delaware, I shared this struggle with my brother in law. My sister loves fish too but my brother in law is more like me. In order to help our weekly fish intake, we decided to do Thursday Fish night. It has helped a lot and I have gotten more confident cooking meals that I know we will all enjoy. New problem: my one year old ate most of my fish- guess I will now have to buy 3 pieces to feed my little family. Check out the 7 Life- enhancing benefits of eating Fish.


Ginger Lemon Salmon Skewers

(Feeds 4) Continue reading

4 ingredient Banana bombs (Dairy and Egg Free)

As Jackson is beginning to transition from Pureed foods to solid foods, I’ve been working in the kitchen to make him easy meals. I often find myself giving him whatever I am eating so I need his food to taste good too.
I’ve gotten back into a good workout routine and have been focusing on healthy nutrition for fueling my workouts. (It’s almost beach season people!) Continue reading

Gluten Free Friends/ Celiac Friends! (not a Paleo post)


I always hear from my friends, “I could never go full paleo it is just too strict.” My advice to them is always, at least get rid of the gluten. The effects of gluten in our bodies is more serious than most people realize. I suggest reading Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis.

The problem with going Gluten Free, is that most gluten free products are so high in sugar and chemical ingredients to help with flavor. Sometimes gluten free products are Continue reading

Sweet and Spicey Venison Bacon Roast

My husbands two favorite foods: Venison and Bacon!
There is nothing more rewarding for him than providing his family with meat for our table. I love experimenting with new ways to cook venison.
The key to a delicious venison meal is proper seasoning and most important proper cooking. Many of my friends tell me how much they hate venison and I realize that it is because they get dry over cooked and over seasoned meat. Many people try to “hide” the Continue reading

Paleo Baby

I have been so terrible about keeping up with blogging! I miss blogging and I feel like as a new momma, I am too busy figuring out when to shower and make dinner, let alone blog about dinner. We have been busy balancing life, staying paleo even when we have to eat out because I am too tired to cook, and now make paleo meals for Jackson too!
Parenthood been awesome but quite an adventure too! We have been cloth diapering, making laundry detergent, nursing, playing, scooting, rolling and not sleeping. He is a healthy and active baby? Our little one is pleasant and we enjoy him so much- I can’t out Continue reading