Paleo, Primal and Gluten Free (Celiacs)

Paleo, Primal, Gluten- Free- What is the difference? Which is right for you?

Here are a few websites, terms and information to help you determine what your body needs.

Paleo is termed for the “Paleolithic era” way of eating. This doesn’t mean that I eat raw meat and animal droppings! I eat as naturally as possible and I try to avoid anything processed or manufactured. I choose not to eat Dairy because it doesn’t agree with me, I use almond or coconut milk as a replacement. Eat: Meat, Veggies, Water, Fruit, Nuts.

No Sugar, No Dairy, No Grains, No Soy, No Legumes and No processed food.


Primal is similar to Paleo but the biggest difference is that Dairy is often consumed in the form of fresh cheese, organic, grass- fed or raw milk. As long as you are not intolerant to Dairy, this is an option. I personally recommend cutting out dairy for the first 30 days and then adding it in slowly to see if dairy is a problem for you. This will help you determine the path between Paleo and Primal for your body.

Gluten- Free (Celiacs disease) is an auto- immune disease that can damage your small intestine. If you have this, you are completely Gluten intolerant and should always avoid anything with Gluten. Some symptoms associated with Celiacs are severe abdominal pain, joint pain, headaches, anemia, fatigue, skin rash and many more. I recommend reading more about Celiacs (Here). Gluten Free diets seem to be the “In” thing right now, I personally tell everyone to cut out Gluten first if they are only going to make small changes to their diet. Be careful with going on a  Gluten- Free shopping spree- a lot of Gluten- Free labeled products are full of chemicals and high in sugar to mask flavors. I recommend reading Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis, this book was life changing for me.

We believe that eating cleaner and being active has given us more energy and clearer minds. Taking out junk food, processed food and adding fresh ingredients has been life changing. People tell us “Life is too short to be that picky about what you eat” and to that we say, life is too short to feel too gross to enjoy the things around us.

Here are a few sites we follow that give more information about the foods we eat and why.

Don’t stress about what Paleo/ Primal/ Gluten Free is or isn’t- make it yours and figure out what makes you feel the best. It is about trial and error and figuring out how to listen to your body. Being stressed about the foods we eat would defeat the purpose of living a healthier lifestyle so just start small and enjoy good, real, natural foods.

On this blog you will see many recipes that accomodate all three ways of eating. My recipes are always Gluten- Free and I will always have alternatives for dairy-free!


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