Creamy Chicken and Rice Crock Pot Dinner

8+ inches of snow and a limited amount of food in our house! This is a great time to make use of the crock- pot for soups and hearty meals that will keep hubby full while he plows our long driveway. This is one of our favorite winter Crock Pot meals and I really don’t want to go to the grocery store until this snow melts.


                                           Shown with my Brazilian Cheese Bread



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Stuffed Chicken Roll-ups

Chicken Roll Looking for a quick and easy 30 minute meal? This is an easy weeknight meal that you could adapt with so many different ingredients. I made mine with lots of veggies and bacon and made Super Hubby’s with Cheese, Bacon and Kale. When not everyone in your house likes the same ingredients, this is your go to recipe for Healthy, Quick Dinners.


  • 2 Large Chicken Breasts ( 1 Breast makes two rolls)
  • 2 Kale leaves
  • 1 Roma tomato, sliced thin
  • 4 Tbsp. Bacon pieces
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • 1 Egg
  • 1/2 Cup Almond Meal
Brandon got Raw Milk Cheddar on his.

Brandon got Raw Milk Cheddar on his

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Granny’s Chicken Paella


It is official, we are training for a half marathon in December. This time I am training with a paleo diet. We did 7 miles today and I have not eaten any bread, grains or gluten! So excited with my energy and achievements so far. I don’t feel like I am lacking in my training and I am definitely training harder and better than my pre- paleo trainings. I’ve been using Practical Paleo’s book to guide my meal planning for athletes. It is so informative and has great meal guides. I was nervous training because I was used to the classic “carb- load” training!
After our 7 miles we worked around the house and then did our Sunday meal making and grocery shopping. Then made a late night dinner. This recipe is one that my granny gave to me and I’ve been dying to try it out. Lets just say it was a huge hit, easy and perfect comfort food for dark winter nights. Really hating these dark nights at 5pm. I need sunshine! Enjoy the recipe.

Granny’s Chicken Paella

2 sausage links Diced
2 small chicken breast diced
1 shallot diced
4 Cloves of garlic diced
1 Small tomato diced
3 Tablespoons olive oil
3 Teaspoons Paprika
1/4 jar Paqullio peppers
1/2 head cauliflower, cauliflower rice (see recipe below)
Salt and pepper to taste

1. Heat olive oil in a pan on low heat
2. Sauté chicken, onion and sausage on medium heat
3. Add and Sauté garlic.
4. Add cauliflower rice
5. Add paprika and mix well
6. Add salt and pepper to taste
7. Add diced tomato and pepper, mix well and simmer for 5 minutes
8. Enjoy!

Cauliflower rice recipe:
1. Cut the stem off the cauliflower
2. Place large cauliflower chunks and water in a large pot
3. Boil for 20 minutes
4. Drain cauliflower in a strainer for 5 minutes
5. Place cauliflower in a bowl and beat with a hand mixer, don’t over mix, it will be a rice texture

Cajun Chicken Stew over Mashed Cauliflower

Caraway Biscuits look for these in a post coming soon! yummy

Today we had a lot of cleaning and organizing to do before my summer vacation officially starts. We went through and organized the kitchen, our attic and our bedroom. In this process we began trying on clothes and realized that in 3 months we had to box up and store another container of “too big for us” clothes. We can’t afford to lose anymore weight, clothes are expensive. Thank God it is summer and we mostly wear our bathing suits!


While we worked around the house I made a crock pot meal. It was great to enjoy this dinner on the back porch after a long day of working. Enjoy!

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Collard Greens and Chicken

Brandon and I have picked on my mom for years about her love of Collard Greens. I always thought it sounded so gross and we refused to try my mom’s from Jimmy’s Bar and Grill in Bridgeville. We used to meet there for breakfast when Brandon and I went to Salisbury University. Who knew this classic soul food actually tasted good. Brandon liked them more than I did but we both enjoyed them and would make them again.
Tonight’s dinner was herb grilled chicken, sautéed carrots and sautéed collard greens.

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Picnic Ready Lettuce Wraps

       Happy Memorial Day weekend! We are kicking our weekend off with a picnic at Lake Audobon in Reston. Tomorrow Brandon is swimming a 5k there and then on Sunday he is swimming a 2miler and a 1 miler. We headed there tonight to check things out before we have to be there at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning. Since we both worked today and wanted to get to the park fast, I stopped and grabbed a Rotisserie Chicken from Giant and a few other goodies for our picnic dinner at the lake. 
Tonight I made Lettuce Wraps, grabbed some Food Should Taste Good Sweet potato chips (kinda hardly made it to the lake since I started eating them in the kitchen!!) and some fruits and veggies. 
       When I got home I got straight to work on trying to get something that would be packed full of protein and carbs but easy to picnic with. Here we have Picnic Ready Lettuce Wraps. Enjoy!

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Italian dinner gone Primal

  • Monday I swam 1 mile and ran 3 miles.
  • Tuesday I biked 11 miles
  • Tonight I ran 3 miles, did 33 laps in the pool, 30 min walk with the dogs…

   My body is tired. I think I will take the day off tomorrow! I am actually physically exhausted, I couldn’t finish my swim tonight because my goggles were fogging up and leaking but rather than pushing through I just stopped and sat on the side waiting for Brandon to finish swimming his 2 miles. UgH! Sometimes we just need to relax and take a rest. Now I am eating some almonds and sitting on my couch in silence. It is WONDERFUL!

   Tonight dinner was: Look, my hot oregano is thriving in my garden, what can I make with it? Italian dinner!
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Breakfast Chicken Egg Muffin

    Being a school teacher, I get up really early to get to work. I try to squeeze out every last second of sleep in my bed as I can. I will sleep through breakfast, fixing my hair etc. I lay out my clothes the night before and pack my lunch box because I don’t want to get up any earlier. One of the biggest issues I have is breakfast. On days that I am feeling great, I will get up and make an egg or some sausage or bacon. On days that I am Continue reading