Tired of Drinking Water

On a hot summer/ oh it’s only Spring? On a hot Spring day like today, sometimes I get really bored just drinking water. I read around on a few blogs and cookbooks and created this light refreshing beverage. It is kind of a NOjito since it is alcohol free! (except one time I put a little Malibu in it and it was delicious!) 

Flavored Water

  1. 45 Oz of Water
  2. 2 Oranges, juice only
  3. 1 Lemon, juice only
  4. 1/4 Pineapple chunks, squeezed and place in the container
  5. 25-30 Mint leaves, crushed and chopped and placed in the container

Put 40 Oz of water in a container. Squeeze the juice of the oranges and lemons into the container. Squeeze and place 1/4 pineapple into the container. Add 25-30 fresh mint leaves. (I got some from my own herb garden and grabbed a blend of orange mint, chocolate mint and regular mint) 
Allow this to sit in the fridge for 2-3 hours and stir before serving. 

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