Running Nutrition

This weekend was a very exciting weekend for Brandon and I. We were all signed up for the Rehoboth Beach, DE Seashore half marathon for Saturday. We’ve been training and getting ourselves pumped up for the race. This was going to be a really special race for me because it was Brandon’s first half marathon. He is not a “runner”, in fact, he hates running. I somehow convinced him to join me and we started our training 8 weeks ago. We were feeling great and enjoying our long runs together. Unfortunately, I did a big no-no! My foot began bothering me when I wore my fancy boots all day walking around and then I did a 5k in my old clunky running shoes. I started having severe foot pain but I trained through it because it didn’t hurt while I ran. We were up to 10 miles and after our run, I couldn’t walk normal for over a week. I fractured my foot and my doctors advised me NOT to run or I may risk serious injury. I decided to call it quits (Screaming and Crying)! But I am so proud of Brandon because he continued his training and completed his first half marathon on Saturday with a time of 2 hours 5 mins. He did such a great job and gave all the credit to being able to complete to his diet. Continue reading