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Brandon’s First Race

95 Brandon Brown   59:52.23   9:40

96 Kimberly Brown  59:52.58   9:40

Our results from Brandon’s first running race! Go Brandon, I am so proud of you. 

     We weren’t trying to compete or put too much into this race, our goal was to get our training distance in and get Brandon some experience with how running races go before our 10 miler next weekend. We ended up having a great pace and even completed the race in under an hour. We ran the race for adoption and foster care awareness in Loudoun County. It was the 2nd annual run me home race. It runs through old town Leesburg and onto the W&OD trail toward Purcellville. It was a nice, shady, pretty flat course and we found ourselves running and chatting about the giant houses. We watched and commented on other runners and talked about how much we enjoyed training together. It was a great race and we decided that as runners, we would rather enjoy a morning run together than push ourselves and tire ourselves out running for time. Brandon got pretty competitive when we would pass people and when we were coming up on our finish, we had a nice stride and a strong finish across the line hand in hand. We were really surprised at our finish time because the race seemed so easy and we could have kept going for miles at that pace. Hooray!

       This race is proof for me that my running stamina and speed has increased drastically since I have been eating healthier. I remember doing 5k runs and struggling to maintain a 10:30 minute pace without losing my breath. It is incredible to see my growth over these past few months. I credit Brandon for helping me increase my speed. 

       We are really excited about the Broad street 10 Miler next weekend. This race gave Brandon some experience and it gave us both some confidence to compete.

       My knee has been feeling great with my icing it after runs and doing heavy stretching throughout the week. I am hoping that it only continues to improve and I won’t have to look into scheduling physical therapy in May. 

        We are feeling good and looking forward to our next adventures TOGETHER!!!

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